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USS: Enough already

Published: 26th September, 2019

Not quite sure what’s going on with your pension? (Understandable as it’s complicated and a lot has happened.) If so watch this terrific 13-minute presentation by USS negotiator Sam Marsh of Sheffield UCU.

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Debunked: 4 myths of the USS pension ballot

Published: 23rd September, 2019

It’s no surprise that members of an education union hold a variety of views. But there are currently in circulation four myths about the USS pension ballots that do not stand up to scrutiny. We address these here. Myth 1 The second Joint Expert Panel report is soon to be delivered. We should wait to…

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Let’s plan, let’s Get Out the Vote!

Published: 15th August, 2019

From September 9, all UCU members will receive two sets of ballot papers, asking whether we are prepared to take strike action in defence of our pension and in support of our pay-and-equalities demands. It’s essential a high proportion of members vote. For the result to be legally valid turnout must be at least 50%;…

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USS Trade Dispute – Letter to institutions

Published: 7th June, 2019

In line with the decisions of the higher education sector conference (HESC) 2019, this letter was sent to the University establishing a potential dispute over USS. Further information is available here.

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