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Where did all our wages go…?

Published: 14th January, 2019

You may recall that we took 14 days of strike action last February and March. You will almost certainly have noticed that in the subsequent months your pay was reduced, with our employer docking 2 days every month until October. Did you ever wonder what happened to that money – £650k, more or less –…

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Pensions Update: time for some introspection at USS?

Published: 23rd November, 2018

A key point of contention in UCU’s on-going pension dispute with our employer concerns the valuation of the USS fund – from which pensions are paid. In particular, a 2017 valuation by USS suggested a serious funding deficit and this formed the basis of Universities UK’s justification for attacking our entitlements. This funding-deficit valuation was…

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Do you remember striking? We want your memories!

Published: 3rd June, 2018

The USS pensions strike of February and March was a transformative experience for all of us – and for our union. We would like to capture some of your memories. Some colleagues at Goldsmiths are producing a ‘strike activists’ handbook’ which we intend to contribute to and in Leicester we are thinking of producing a…

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Working Conditions=Learning Conditions

Published: 21st March, 2018

Here are two lovely fliers distributed at a meeting of Leicester Students’ Union – where students took the decision to back UCU in any future strike action over the pensions dispute. PDFs of the fliers are here – lists and here – sausages & classroom. A more generic one – i.e. without specific references to…

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