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Analysis and Opinion

Freedom or Reputation?

Published: 9th June, 2017

Academic freedom is under attack – in Turkey, in Hungary and elsewhere. The University of Leicester’s president and vice-chancellor, in a recent article for Times Higher (How should universities respond when academic freedom is under threat? (13 May), quotes with approval European University Association president Rolf Tarrach: ‘university autonomy and academic freedom are crucial for…

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From FLAME to FAME to… infamy?

Published: 15th February, 2017

A report on the University of Leicester Business School (February 2017)

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‘Transformational Times’ – a guide for students, Oct 2016

Published: 15th October, 2016

Transformational Times – a guide for students, October 2016

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Redundancy Update [October 2016]

Published: 14th October, 2016

A briefing on the campaign against compulsory redundancies

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