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Membership Rates

Membership rates 1 September 2019 – 31 August 2020

Employment income bandNational*LocalTotal
Sub level F0: £60,000 and above£26.55£3.50£30.05
Sub level F1: £40,000 – £59,999£23.58£2.75£26.33
Sub level F2: £30,000 – £39,999£20.81£2.50£23.31
Sub level F3: £20,000 – £29,999£18.13£1.50£19.63
Sub level F4: £15,000 – £19,999£10.81£1.00£11.81
Sub level F5: £5,000 – £14,999£4.71£0.50£5.21
Sub level F6: below £5,000£1.00nil£1.00
Retired members£2.85nil£2.85
Attached paying members£2.85nil£2.85

Members who become unemployed are entitled to free membership for 12 months.

Registered PhD students who are also engaged in paid teaching or similar work are entitled to our Free Membership Offer.

*Note: UCU operates a political fund which expressly does not contribute to any political party, but is used for campaigning and lobbying to promote the interests of UCU members. The contribution level is one percent of the national subscription rate. Members may opt in to the fund.