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Greater participation = quicker resolution!

Published: 6th March, 2020

                                    We need you – and you are so welcome!

Dear Colleagues!

We know you can hear us.

And we know that you see us every day, too.

Just like we see you going to work.

All this despite our shared concerns about the strike, the future of our sector, and the care that our students and we ourselves deserve. But most importantly, despite the circumstances and negative conditions that we are fighting.

With five days of strike left, we need meaningful resolution.

And we know that you want that as well.

But we cannot reach a positive and empowering resolution for us all without your active help, support and involvement.

We don’t want more strike action any more than you do. Believe us. But in order to get that resolution, we need you on the picket lines – we certainly need to you not to cross picket lines, material or virtual.

  • Did you know anyone can join the strike whether or not you’re a union member?
  • Did you know that you will be so welcome to join our visible struggle from the moment you arrive?
  • Did you know that the students are with us? The National Union of Students, Leicester Students’ Union and students throughout the university are with us. They know their learning conditions are our working conditions.
  • Did you know that we will minimize negative impact on students by acting now, together, to secure resolutions that will prevent future disruption by ensuring fair working conditions for us all?
  • Did you know that we are committed to creating accessible picketing opportunities? We can reserve some pickets as quiet spaces, and always happy to receive other ideas. Please just let us know what you need to participate.
  • Did you know that if you can’t physically participate in picketing you can make your strike visible by posting on social media, or by asking your LUCU colleagues who are to post on your behalf?

We feel like we are in one of the fights of our lives…

Please join us, get involved and let’s win this fight. Do this for yourself, for your colleagues who are suffering now, for our students, and for the future of academia in the UK.

As workers, as members of this special community, and as global citizens, we fight for fairness and equality.

Solidarity forever!