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Boycott Leicester

Leicester UCU in 2 – May 14

On being dismissed from University of Leicester… our Communications officer & co-vice-chair-elect @DavidHarvieUCU delivers this week’s Leicester UCU in 2. To VC @NCanagarajah, deputy VC Edmund Burke & Chair of University Council Gary Dixon we are nothing. But we are becoming everything.

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WHO is doing WHAT to WHOM

Do you know any of the individuals below? Ask them what’s happening at University of Leicester. Ask them what their role is, ask them what they’re doing to defend the University! Are you a member of any of same organisations as any of the individuals below, whether a professional assocation, or voluntary or religious body?…

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Action Short of a Strike: A Guide for our Wonderful Students

Since October 2020, staff have been trying to resist the University leadership team’s plans to restructure several academic departments and student support services that involve significant cuts to staff jobs. Across the whole academic year, we’ve engaged in hundreds of hours of meetings, researched and written alternative proposals to avoid job losses, and repeatedly raised concerns with the highly paid executives who run…

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Leicester UCU in 2 – May 6

Gabby Provan was elected Co-Chair of Leicester at our AGM in April. (She’ll formally take up the role in August.) Here she delivers this week’s video update, inviting the executives to work with us to save jobs and restore the University’s reputation.

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Global boycott of University of Leicester

To coinicide with the start of our industrial action today, our national union today has announced a global boycott of University of Leicester. It’s a rare and extremely serious sanction – it’s the ultimate sanction, a signal of how serious things are at our institution, of how poorly our University’s leadership is behaving. As Jo…

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