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What is Happening to Your USS Pension?

Published: 8th September, 2021

Summary of USS pension issues  The scheme *appears* to have a big deficit – mainly because the last valuation was done when the stock market was at a deep low because of the COVID pandemic. The market has rebounded, so an updated valuation would show that USS is a healthy scheme. But the USS trustees…

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Phase 2: How Many Redundancies is Seven?

Published: 20th August, 2021

On 3 August Nishan Canagajarah announced phase 2 of ‘shaping for excellence’. In an email to all University staff, he stated: ‘The exact net reduction will depend on the outcome of the selection and consultation processes that will take place over the next few months. However, we know that this will not be more than…

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Dispute Alleviation Offer, 9 August 2021

Published: 11th August, 2021

This is the text of the dispute “alleviation” offer debated by members at Leicester UCU’s EGM on 9 August 2021. 58.5% of members in attendance voted to accept this offer, a decision communicated to the Executive Board before 4pm on 9 August 2021, and acknowledged and accepted by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in writing on 10…

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Thank You Dear Colleagues, 11 August

Published: 11th August, 2021

This is the most painful post I’ve had to write. Please take the time to read this, sincerely Alex Patel (acting Chair). Today, Wednesday 11th August, the executive board make a further twenty-one staff redundant. We continue to call for their reinstatement. They have done so much for our branch over the years, many as…

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The marking boycott is biting

Published: 28th July, 2021

Email sent to all members of Leicester UCU, 26 July 2021 If YOU were targeted for compulsory redundancy due to executives’ financial mismanagement of our University, would you want colleagues to fight  for your jobs – even at great  personal, emotional and financial cost?   We would like to pay tribute to those Leicester UCU members…

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Open Letter to Nishan Canagarajah, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Leicester

Published: 14th July, 2021

14 July 2021 Dear Professor Canagarajah We are deeply disappointed that having attended one dispute resolution meeting – on 20 May 2021 at our express invitation – you have elected to stay away from subsequent meetings. Nevertheless, we assume that the deputy vice-chancellor is keeping you fully briefed. At the most recent such meeting, on…

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The Global Academic Boycott: An Explainer for Prof. Edmund Burke

Published: 25th June, 2021

During a dispute resolution meeting on 23 June 2021, your Deputy Vice-Chancellor Edmund Burke wondered why National UCU had launched a global academic boycott against the University of Leicester on 4 May 2021. Specifically, he was unsure whether other university employers who are busy trying to make staff redundant have also been subject to an…

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Leicester UCU Fighting Fund

Published: 15th June, 2021

In order to support colleagues undertaking action-short-of-a-strike (ASOS), particularly a lengthy marking and assessment boycott, Leicester UCU have created a Fighting Fund. Details of how members, who will have had salary deducted due to ASOS, can claim from the fund will be published shortly. However, we need fellow members, fellow union branches and the wider…

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Three Day Strike: Reflections

Published: 14th June, 2021

Reflecting on our short, sharp strike action last week, there is a lot we can be proud of. Physical and virtual picketers turned out in solidarity, along with lots of well wishers supporting our cause and some rousing speeches from external commentators. The strike took on three key daily themes that have been incredibly relevant…

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