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Leicester UCU in 2 – April 16

Published: 16th April, 2021

At our AGM on 14 April, branch members overwhelming passed the following motion, calling for the greylisting of University of Leicester. In this week’s 2-minute video blog, Deirdre O’Sullivan, former vice-chair who has been supporting many at-risk members, reflects on the damage being inflicted on the University by the current redundancy processes, and explains why greylisting of the University should be considered.

In the light of the resolute intransigence of the Senior Management of the University to engage in meaningful consultation with staff or negotiation with UCU officers, we call on UCU nationally to initiate the process of greylistingthe University of Leicester. In summary, this basically means that staff in other institutions will be asked to forego involvement with Leicester University projects or apply for posts here and we recognise the seriousness of the step. However, there are already grounds to anticipate further business cases and we must do all within our power to defend our members in the current crisis and with a view to the future.