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Letter to VC Paul Boyle re University of Leicester decline

Published: 14th June, 2018

Dear Paul,

You will no doubt have seen the recent Guardian league table, in which the University of Leicester fell 20 places. While Leicester UCU is not in favour of league tables, we still see it as more evidence that the university is going in the wrong direction. The growing managerialism is undermining the social purpose of the university while not even delivering on its intended outcomes. We have repeatedly warned over the last two years of the damage being done to the reputation of the University of Leicester, due to poor decisions by senior management. Examples include the closure of Vaughan and most recently, the budget cuts announcement.

The senior management of this institution seem to have forgotten that a university is made of its staff: from cleaners to professors. Repeated budget cuts and staff redundancies that have taken place on your watch have battered and bruised the morale of staff. The cuts and repercussions have subsequently impacted on our students.

We believe that the university will continue to decline until our concerns are listened to. Morale is low, and continues to fall. We ask that ULT share with us their plan to see Leicester’s place in the league table rise back to where it once was in the past. If this is not tackled quickly, we believe the damage will be irreversible.

We look forward to hearing from you


Co-chair Leicester UCU, on behalf of Leicester UCU