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Leicester UCU Message of Support and Solidarity with the Students’ Union

Published: 6th March, 2018

LUCU Message of Support and Solidarity with the SU and Students Occupying the Fielding Johnson Building


Leicester UCU want to extend their deep support and gratitude to the Leicester Students’ Union and all those involved in the occupation of the Fielding Johnson Building.

You have set an excellent example to everyone in your actions based on moral principle. You have also shown how you have a voice that you have used to speak up on behalf of students and staff – not only at Leicester – but well beyond to a  global audience.

We are incredibly proud of your actions and commitment in actively shaping what you expect from our University. This cannot simply be left to the small clique of  self-interested and  patently out of touch so called  ‘management’.

We offer our wholehearted support to yourselves and all our students.

We will continue to demand that a new Chancellor is elected in an open and accountable manner that we can all be proud to represent the true spirit of Leicester.