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Out-of-office wording

Published: 7th May, 2018

As explained in the Strike FAQ, UCU members should not read or respond to any emails whilst on strike, and should immediately delete, unread, all emails on return to work — except for those from students. During strike periods, we ask you to put an out-of-office auto-reply on your emails. We suggest the following text — though of course you may edit this if you prefer.


I am currently unavailable as I am striking over the University of Leicester’s insistence on compulsory redundancies.

Background to the dispute can be found here:  

You can support us by joining UCU (

If you are a student, I will respond to your email on my return — though you may have to be patient. Otherwise, I will not be reading this email, and will delete it, unread, on my return.


Guidance on how to set-up out-of-office replies for Outlook is available here.