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Red Summer Audit

Published: 2nd August, 2018

UCU Leicester, alongside the Branch Solidarity Network, are running Red Summer Audit, where we emailed UCU members and branch organisers and officers across the country to ask:

1. Who/how many are facing redundancies and VS at the moment? What plans are in place to counter these redundancies?
2. What is the rationale being provided by management? 
3. Are management following formal consultation procedures?
4. Are people being offered meaningful career support i.e. redeployment?

We are organising an emergency organising meeting for 8 August at 6 pm. Please email the BSN for information on the location.

Facebook event page:

Please tell your branch secretaries and chairs and ask them to come (or you if that’s your position) as well as all other committee members and ucu members, as we are facing this urgently together. We plan to come up with coordinated action plans!

We have received a significant number of responses as emailed to with responses to the above. We are also planning to provide this information to UCU HQ to try to get support for some kind of national response/campaign. Summer seems to be the timeframe management works within to announce layoffs, since they do not think branches will campaign/fight it. We will prove them wrong.