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Redundancies strike ballot – email to members 30/7/18

Published: 30th July, 2018

Dear LUCU member,

Last Friday, 27 July, UCU Regional Office informed Paul Boyle, Vice-Chancellor, of our intention to ballot for industrial action concerning the failure of the University of Leicester to “remove the threat of compulsory redundancies and ensure the renewal of fixed term contracts unless there is a genuine and demonstrable reason for not doing so”.

UCU informed the university that we are planning to ballot members to take the following industrial action:

  • Four days of strike action during each of the following three weeks:
    • 24-28 September
    • 1-5 October
    • 8-12 October

The industrial action will also include taking action short of a strike (ASOS) from 24 September onwards in the form of working to contract on all those days when we are not on strike. If the dispute is not settled by 12 October, ASOS will continue and UCU has the option to call additional days of strike action. The ballot will open on Mon, 13 August and run for three weeks.

For those of you who are new to UCU, you should be aware that since the 2016 (anti)Trade Union Act, in order to lawfully take industrial action UCU needs to obtain a YES vote from a minimum turnout of 50% of eligible voters.

At Leicester, we have achieved a minimum 50% of members voting on several occasions, including for our recent indicative ballot on job losses where there was a 71% YES vote for industrial action on a 71% turnout. However, we only achieve these by running very active campaigns, involving many commited LUCU members. Given this ballot is over the latter half of August, it will be our greatest challenge to date but also the most important in recent years. We believe LUCU members can and will rise to meet the challenge.

More news and updates will follow in the run up to the ballot. In the meantime, please make sure your personal details are up to date by logging in (or registering) at MyUCU (

In solidarity,

LUCU Branch Committee