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Statement re: Schools Re-opening on June 1st

Published: 29th May, 2020

The committee of Leicester UCU write to express our complete support for the National Education Union (NEU) during this time of crisis.

We are all keen for schools and colleges to re-open, but this must not happen until there is assurance that all involved are protected.

Teaching staff, support staff, parents and children need to be confident that their health and safety is the highest priority of both the school and the government. 

We support the NEU in their five tests before the re-opening of schools and colleges:

  1. Much lower number of COVID-19 cases
  2. A national social distancing plan
  3. Regular testing for children and staff
  4. Ability to test a whole school if a case arises
  5. Protection for the vulnerable

Until evidence is seen that all five of the NEU’s tests are satisfied we believe that schools must remain closed. We encourage local government and others to work with staff, students, families and unions to allow the return to school to be safe.

Leicester UCU Committee

Information about the NEU five tests can be found at:
Read more about UCU’s work nationally with the NEU and other unions: