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Strike Report – Day 5

Published: 2nd March, 2018

We began the day knowing that UUK and UCU had agreed to go into arbitration talks with ACAS: a very positive step that shows our action is getting results. Some people may wonder why we’re still striking now that talks are due to recommence. The answer is very simple: we cannot countenance dropping the pressure and disruption caused by the strike until we receive some guarantees that our pensions will not be slashed.

Student solidarity came in ever new forms on day 5 of the action, with an impromptu picket line barbecue

It’s hard to picket in the snow, so various strategies were employed to keep warm

A group of particularly enthusiastic historians decided to form a musical collective

We also had a more satisfying two-part answer to the question we’ve been asking since last Thursday: #whereispaulboyle. He still refused it was possible for a VC to support the strike, despite demonstrable evidence to the contrary, but he confirmed that 100% of our pay would not be docked when we return to work for participating in action short of a strike. Other universities are maintaining this position, so our – and our students – efforts to shame the University for this position have been effective.

But in response to his unwillingness to shift position from the UUK party line on the key question of pensions, one of our more creative comrades prepared an amusing tombstone, surrounded by flowers and candles, mourning the loss of Paul Boyle’s integrity

Maybe this brilliant image helped to prompt change: not long after it was laid, all staff received an email from the VC