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The forthcoming postal ballot on strike action

Published: 10th August, 2018

Email sent to members on Friday 10 August.

From Monday UCU members will receive a postal ballot paper to vote on whether you agree to enter into strike action, as well as action short of a strike (ASOS), to help defend members against the threat of compulsory redundancies. Earlier in the summer, Leicester UCU members voted overwhelmingly in favour of balloting; members do not accept the Vice-Chancellor’s case for change and see that action by Leicester ULT causing further severe damage to already poor staff morale. Our recent indicative ballot demonstrated huge support for taking strike action in the event that the threat is not removed (71% in favour on a turnout of 71%)

We urge you to vote to support the strike; we have made some progress in reducing the impact of the planned devastating changes, but not nearly enough. Without the potential for strike action we would not be able to safeguard the remaining staff under threat.

Since the passing of the 2016 Trade Union Act, UCU must achieve a turnout of at least 50% in a statutory ballot before members can take lawful industrial action. It is therefore vital that you participate in the postal ballot.

As before, we will also ask that you indicate whether you have voted by the completion of a survey. This is whether you have voted, not how you have voted. High participation is vital in giving legitimacy to the ballot and a legal basis to move forward.

Please vote, and vote in favour strike action.

Background information can be found on our website at, or contact your departmental UCU representative (