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Wall of Names

Published: 11th June, 2021

Over 200 great colleagues have been forced out of the University of Leicester in the past 15 months. This is the result of the executive board’s decision to abandon casualised staff in the first months of the pandemic and, more recently, its catastrophic ‘shaping for excellence’ programme, in which at least 100 people have been pressurised into accepting ‘voluntary’ redundancy or else have simply resigned in disgust. Twenty-six colleagues remain at risk of compulsory redudancy. This is the third wave of mass redundancies we have resisted in the past five years and our University has lost the enthusiasm and expertise of many more people in those other abysmal stages of ‘change’. Here and in Victoria Park we honour those dear colleagues whom we have lost and those who remain at risk.

(If you wish to add your name or that of someone you know – only with their consent, please – email us here, message us on Twitter or reply to this tweet.)

Ronald Hartz * Gareth Brown * Beth Morris * Simon Lilley * Sarah Gilmore * David Harvie * Melanie Simms * Denise McHugh * Elizabeth Cotton * Alun Jones * Emma Sheppard * Dan Hamilton * Jenny Stewart * Anne Marie D’Arcy * Marta Gasparin * Martin George * Peter Moody * Lucy Faire + 13 Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning staff * 62 Associate Tutors in the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning * Emma Battell Lowman * Robert Dover *