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UCU in 2

Leicester UCU in 2 – May 14

Published: 14th May, 2021

On being dismissed from University of Leicester… our Communications officer & co-vice-chair-elect @DavidHarvieUCU delivers this week’s Leicester UCU in 2. To VC @NCanagarajah, deputy VC Edmund Burke & Chair of University Council Gary Dixon we are nothing. But we are becoming everything.

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Leicester UCU in 2 – May 6

Published: 6th May, 2021

Gabby Provan was elected Co-Chair of Leicester at our AGM in April. (She’ll formally take up the role in August.) Here she delivers this week’s video update, inviting the executives to work with us to save jobs and restore the University’s reputation.

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Leicester UCU in 2 – April 30

Published: 30th April, 2021

David Harvie, Communications Officer and Vice-Chair-elect, anticipates action short of a strike, which starts next week…

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Leicester UCU in 2 – April 23

Published: 23rd April, 2021

Listen to our Communications Officer-elect Cara Dobbing, delivering her inaugural Leicester UCU in 2.

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Leicester UCU in 2 – April 16

Published: 16th April, 2021

At our AGM on 14 April, branch members overwhelming passed the following motion, calling for the greylisting of University of Leicester. In this week’s 2-minute video blog, Deirdre O’Sullivan, former vice-chair who has been supporting many at-risk members, reflects on the damage being inflicted on the University by the current redundancy processes, and explains why…

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Leicester UCU in 2 – Mar 15

Published: 15th March, 2021

In this week’s 2-minute summary, we reflect on what it means, during the week of International Womens’ Day, for so many women at the University of Leicester to be at risk of redundancy.

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Leicester UCU in 2 – Feb 25

Published: 26th February, 2021

In this week’s 2-minute summary, we reflect on some of what University of Leicester executives chose to share with staff in their Question-and-Answer session on February 24. You can watch the recording of that event here and/or you can read our live Twitter commentary here. Our conclusion: Nishan Canagarajah and his executive board are seeking…

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