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Leicester UCU Fighting Fund

Published: 1st February, 2023


Please donate by transfer to our account at Unity Trust Bank (details below).

NOTE: Most banks now impose a variety of checks on payments. Please use the exact details as below. If you are asked to describe the type of payment, our account is classed as a “business” account rather than a personal one. In some cases it may take up to 3 days for the payment to reach our account.
Name of account (if required): UCU Leicester LA30
Sort Code: 60-83-01
Account: 20444031
Many thanks to those who have already made generous donations. Please spread the word and encourage others to donate.

Union Branches wishing to donate, may use this template motion:


Leicester UCU is participating in a national dispute between UCU and university employers over issues including savage cuts to our pension entitlement and an attempt to impose a significant real-terms pay cut on university employees.

The union nationally has secured a strong mandate for strike action and action short of a strike, including a boycott of marking and assessment. This action will carry with it a financial burden for our members. Employees will lose a day’s pay for each day they strike. Moreover, the university’s Executive Board have threatened to deduct 25% of employees’ salary from the moment they began any marking and assessment boycott until the moment they declare the end of their action. This will disproportionately impact low paid staff, often precariously employed, who carry out much of the marking.

That is why members voted to create a Leicester UCU Fighting Fund at its Emergency General Meeting on 9 January 2023 to mitigate the impact of the loss of income on those of our members least able to bear the cost. The aim is to provide as much financial support as possible to branch members who have pay deducted which is not eligible for payments from the UCU National Fighting Fund, for example for taking ASOS.

We ask all members in a position to do so donate to the Leicester UCU Fighting Fund now and to promote the Fund to encourage wider donations. We will also be seeking support from the broader trade union movement.

Claim from the Leicester Fighting Fund

  1. The Branch Committee will establish a Panel of at least 3 members (including the
    Branch Treasurer) to assess claims and oversee payments made from the Fund.
    The Panel’s decision in all matters will be final.
  2. To ensure fair distribution of funds, there will be a standard limit to the amount
    that members can claim per day of deduction. This limit will be determined by the
    Panel following a review of donations and the amount available in the Fund.
  3. Payment will only be made on supply of valid bank details and a scan/screenshot
    of the payslip showing the deduction. In exceptional circumstances, the Panel
    may consider other equivalent evidence of deductions made.
  4. Payment will only be made to members who are paying their UCU subscription at
    the correct rate for their current salary and membership category. Members who
    have not paid at the correct rate for at least 6 months will have to pay arrears for
    up to 6 months in order to be eligible for payments from the Fighting Fund.
  5. Payment will only be made to members who continue to take action until it is
    officially called off.
  6. In no circumstances will payments made to a member exceed the amount of pay
  7. The claim must include the following information, otherwise it will be rejected:
    ◦ Name
    ◦ Membership number
    ◦ Number of days deducted
  8. The claim should be submitted by email to
  9. The standard amount will be paid irrespective of personal circumstances.
    Members who are able to sustain the deduction of pay are encouraged not to
  10. Members should claim as soon as possible after the deduction is made. A more
    detailed timetable with a deadline for claims to be submitted will be determined by
    the Panel and publicised to members.

Use of donations:

The branch intends to use all donations received to the Leicester UCU Fighting Fund to support members’ pay deductions. Any money remaining after all payment rounds will (at the discretion of the Branch Committee) be used to increase payments already made, kept for future disputes, transferred to support other branches taking action, or transferred to the national UCU Fighting Fund.