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Analysis and Opinion

Foundations of Computing are not redundant

Published: 4th February, 2021

Colleagues at risk of redundancy in the School of Informatics unpick the business case being used against them. To sign the petition opposing managers’ plans, click here. Recently management at the University of Leicester put forward a business case to slash the School of Mathematics by making redundant all pure maths researchers, and to similarly…

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The cynicism driving cuts in English

Published: 27th January, 2021

The proposed cuts to English at the University of Leicester have been universally condemned worldwide, with hundreds of distinguished scholars warning of reputational damage to the University and the ways in which the student experience will be impoverished. Some of the staff at risk of redundancy unpick the inconsistencies in the cynical thinking that is…

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First statement on threatened compulsory redundancies

Published: 25th January, 2021

On date 18 January – the first day of second semester teaching and also ‘Blue Monday’ – senior managers at the University of Leicester wrote to 145 members of staff informing them that their jobs were at risk of redundancy. Managers are calling their plans Shaping for Excellence.The affected staff are in five academic departments…

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Lost for Words: Working in Higher Education, Oct 2020

Published: 9th October, 2020

A University of Leicester employee offers some personal reflections on their experience of working in Higher Education as the 2020-21 academic year begins. I’ve been trying to think of a metaphor for working in Higher Education over the last few weeks. It’s not easy because the conditions, quite simply, feel incomparably appalling. I’d like to…

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