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Analysis and Opinion

Why I’m on strike but you haven’t seen me on the picket lines…

Published: 28th February, 2020

A member of professional services staff – and of Leicester UCU – explains why enough is enough. For several days over the past week or so colleagues have been out in the grimmest of weather, showing their disgust at the way the University of Leicester treats its staff. I, on the other hand have been…

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‘Ask not what your union can do for you…’

Published: 27th February, 2020

David and Gabby, two departmental reps, celebrate both Leicester UCU’s caseworkers and everyone who is supporting past and present UCU strikes. Thank you to everyone participating in the current strike – and to those who’ve struck before.  The strength of the action depends on the solidarity of members, as we come together to advocate on…

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The Outcome of the Second Joint Expert Panel Report: A Quick Guide for Members

Published: 19th December, 2019

The Joint Expert Panel (JEP), which comprises nominees from UUK and UCU and which is chaired by Joanne Segars, chair of the Local Government Pension Scheme, has completed its second report on the USS pension scheme.  This report looks in greater depth at how the scheme is run and how the dispute around the cost…

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Leicester UCU – End-of-Year Quiz 2019

Published: 12th December, 2019

How much do you know about University of Leicester, Leicester UCU and the key events of 2019 in the sector we work and struggle in? Test your knowledge against our end-of-year quiz. You can either answer the questions online or print out a copy. Why not make several copies and do them with your workmates…

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